What Girls Have To Say About Guys’ Cologne?

Can a guy go shopping and pick out the the best colognes for men all by himself? What happens in the time between the first encounter and the twentieth date that makes his cologne go from irresistible to toxic fumes? Is it possible for your man to smell too good? We asked a group of women how they would answer those questions – here’s what we found out about girl’s opinions of guy’s cologne.

Can a guy be trusted to pick out his own scent?

80% of the girls we asked said no. “Most of the single guys I know have a friend who is a girl go with them or they go by what an ex-girlfriend liked.” “My single guy friends pick their cologne by the commercials or ads – not always a good choice!” “One of my guy friends brought like 20 sample cards that he doused with cologne at the mall and had us pick which one we liked best.”

20% say guys do a fine job on their own. “My new boyfriend picked his own cologne and that’s the first thing I noticed about him. He smelled amazing and I had to meet him.”

“I think guys have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. If they didn’t how would so may guys smell so great?”Does your love for his cologne change somewhere between the first time you catch a whiff and the twentieth date?

60% of the women we talked to said no. “I loved my boyfriend’s smell the minute we met and after two years, I still love it. It’s him and I love everything about him. If he smelled different it would be weird – like he had changed somehow.” “I have loved my husband’s signature scent since the day we met. It’s familiar and it always brings back another great memory every time he walks into the room smelling all good.”

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40% of our girls agreed that a guy’s cologne has a shelf life. “I think after a few years a guy needs to change his scent. It’s like growing up. Your scent as to mature too.” “I just get tired of the same smell day after day. I buy my husband a new cologne every Christmas.”

Is it possible for your man to smell too good?

86% of girls agreed. “My boyfriend’s a massage therapist and I forbid him to wear his cologne to work. The last thing I need is for one of his female clients to think he smells great and looks great.” “My boyfriend has this amazing cologne that smells incredible. It’s so sexy. He’s only allowed to wear it when he’s out with me.” “I’m a girl. I know how girls are. My boyfriend can’t wear the cologne he had on when we met anymore!”

14% said to go ahead, girls. Eat your heart out. “I love it when other girls notice how great my boyfriend smells. I know he’s true to me and I’m always going to be the one he leaves with.” “I take it as a personal compliment when girls want to get closer to my husband because he smells amazing. He has boundaries and I never worry. When he knows another girl’s noticing him, he pulls me closer and she’s out.”