New Orleans – Volunteer with us

100,000 trees is a lot of planting. We need your help to get those trees in the ground in New Orleans. Volunteer today!

Would you like to become a planter?

Not only will you have the pleasure of working side by side with others committed to regreening New Orleans, you’ll also get bragging rights for decades to come as you point out to friends… children… grandchildren: “I planted those trees”. And for those of you who fear your thumbs may be any color but green, we have an excellent guide available called How to Plant a Tree So It Lives.

Fill in the form below and we’ll put you on the list. If you like, specify the neighborhood where you’d like to plant or just leave that box blank if you’re happy to plant anywhere. Planting takes place between October and May each year. We don’t plant during the summer. We’ll contact you when we’re ready to go.  We would love for you to be a New Orleans Volunteer planter!

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