The Best Beauty Accents Of The Season

Have you ever noticed how some people look like they own the summer? You see them and know that they’ve done something (or a lot of something`s) right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that makes them look like the sun was created to shine on them. Allow us to share five sexy secrets that will make even the brightest sun (and more than a few guys) take notice of you this summer.

The trick is to accent your features. No need to over do it. A few simple beauty tips will have you turning heads with the best of them.

What part of you do people see most of in the hot summer? Your skin. To take it from okay to fabulous, start with an exfoliant. Why not use the sand? It’s all around you at the beach and it’s free. It’s one of the best scrubs you can get. Don’t neglect your back. A bare back is one of the sexiest accents you’ve got. After your scrub, mist on sparkling body oil. Skin that is buffed and glistening will always stop traffic. No matter where he looks, you look great.

Think red lips are too much for summer? Not if you opt for a subtle stain and a hint of shine. If lip stains are too heavy or drying for you, try a powder check color in a shade suited to the natural color of your lips. Simply rub it into your lips and you’re good to go. It will stay longer without the shine of a balm or gloss but may feel cakey without it.

Add the colors of the sea to your eyes and the night will belong to you too. To outlast any temperature or hours of dancing, choose waterproof liners to color your lids – the fat liner pencils work perfectly. Go with blue that reflect the color of the sky and greens that rival the palms. Always finger smudge and pat gold shadow over your lids for a perfect finish. Black mascara only please. Save the colored mascara for a subtler eye color day.

Don’t overlook the power of your hair when you’re at the beach, out for a run or making waves on jet skis. One fabulous accent for the summer is the braid. We’re talking about strategically placed braids that control your bangs or keep your hair from blowing out of control, braids that blend with va-va-va-voom waves or crazy curls or sleek and straight. Whatever your style, a well placed braid can be super flirty and tons of fun.

Even after you’ve continued on your way, your scent will linger and make him think twice about letting you disappear into the crowd. Lemon and other citrus scents are fresh, light and exotic. They blend with suntan lotion scents and are never overpowering – unless you use too much and you wind up smelling like kitchen cleaner. Spritz a light citrus spray on the back of your neck and knees and over your hair to leave him wanting more.

How To Get Slimmer Hips

Often a complaint from many women is that bit of bulge that is located on the hip area, yet not many realize there is something you can do about it. Through a combination of diet and exercise you achieve slimmer hips. So, if you’ve noticed a bit of a bulge around your hips, check out these great exercises for a slimmer you (also you can check out a Phen375 fat burner on Birthorderplus).

Before you get started we want to point out that these exercises will not work if you have naturally wide hipbones. Having naturally wide hips can be a beautiful thing, so please keep that in mind. You should also keep in mind that exercise alone might not get rid of the bulge completely. To really benefit from the following hip exercises, you should add cardio and a healthy diet to your routine as well.

The Hip Abductor Lift

Using a low-cable pulley with a cuff attachment, stand beside the low-cable pulley machine and put your foot through the cuff attachment. Cross your outer leg over the other and slowly move your leg outward and hold for a count of 2. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise for a total of 15 reps. Switch legs and repeat again.

The Hip Squat

Begin by standing with your feet a shoulder-width apart. Begin squatting down as if you as sitting until you are level with your knees. Hold for a count of 2 and return to a standing position. Repeat this exercise for a total of 15 reps.

The Back Kick

Start by holding onto a table or kitchen counter for support. Slowly move the leg up and back as if you are kicking something. Keep your back straight and hold for a count of 2. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise for a total of 15 reps. Switch legs and repeat again.

The Hip Extender

Standing with your feet a shoulder-width apart, extend your left leg out to your side as far as you can. Lead out and in with the heel and then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for a total of 15 reps. Switch to your right leg and repeat again. If you need stability for this hip slimming exercise, you can use a table or kitchen counter top for support.

The above are just a few exercise ideas to help get you slimmer hips. For maximum benefits, you will need to add a cardio routine to your workout as well.

Cardio exercises can include: walking, jogging, light aerobics and even kickboxing. Don’t limit yourself to just those cardio exercises, however. If you love dancing or swimming, there’s nothing wrong with including them in your workout routine as well.

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Food Ingredients That Help You Relax and Focus

We have all been guilty at some time in our lives of getting home from work after a stressful day at work and heading to the fridge and cupboards in search of comfort food – something that will make us relax and unwind.

How many of us have also picked up the nearest snack or opted for a  takeaway at times of personal stress and upset? Comfort food is just  that – comforting – but is it the best way to help our bodies  relax and our minds focus?

Many such foodstuffs, as we know, are high in sugars which give us an instant lift but can then bring our bodies’ metabolisms crashing down again.

Far better we take our comfort and encourage relaxation through foods  known to be high in tryptophan, an amino acid which helps the brain  produce serotonin – a chemical that calms you down, and melatonin – a hormone that can make you sleepy.

Foods rich in tryptophan include milk, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, rice, cheese, beans and fish. No wonder then we have often been  advised to have a warm milky drink before bedtime.

A banana is also a healthy snack to have for supper as it will also  stimulate levels of serotonin and induce sleepiness.

Eggs and cheese contain high levels of tryptophan and are, of course, among the most flexible of foodstuffs – ideal to combine with others  to make a balanced meal, to have in sandwiches or to include at  breakfast.

We’ve all heard the virtues of chicken soup extolled – well, for good reason. Chicken stock is known to rid the body of infections and  adding ingredients such as chili, onion, garlic add a calming effect on the nervous system.

Natural honey is also high in tryptophan and has a soothing effect on  the nerves – another good product to add to everyday meals.

Nuts contain high quantities of selenium, magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex which all help relax the brain. A handful of mixed nuts is a quick and easy snack to have on the move. Consider spreading peanut butter on your toast for breakfast or a  healthy snack as it’s packed full of magnesium and Vitamin B6. Magnesium is good for mental stimulation and a deficiency of selenium can lead to higher levels of depression and anxiety.

Fish and seafood will help you relax and focus as they are rich in zinc, magnesium and selenium. Fatty acid Omega 3 combats stress hormones and can be taken in supplement form if you cannot acquire fresh fish. Regular portions of fish are recommended by nutritionists in our daily diet.

And if all this sounds a far cry from your routing diet, there is some help – small amounts of dark chocolate are also classed as healthy comfort food as it contains our friend tryptophan. It is also known to boost the endorphin levels in the brain that results in enhanced mood. Research has proven that eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily can lower the level of stress hormones in your body.

We will continue to reach for comfort foods at times of stress and upset – just try to train your brain to favour these foodstuffs and you will feel even more relaxed for longer.