Going Gray? Go All the Way!

In the past, having gray hair was something most women worked very hard to hide. The signs of gray hair used to be instantly associated with getting older – and not in a good way. However, opinions on this beauty matter have changed drastically in recent years. From A-list celebrities to the everyday person, more and more people are going gray sooner and looking great in the process. If you think you’re ready to take this step, you will want to make sure that you go about it the right way for the best results.

Gray hair can occur anytime. One of the first steps to take into account is how much gray you have. Each person experiences this change in their tresses differently so go according to what you observe, not by comparing yourself with your friend, sister, mother, etc. Some women only have a few telltale strands of gray peeking out from their roots. Other women may find themselves with a few areas sprinkled with grays or waking up with more than 50% of their hair in a new gray shade.

The approach you take will mainly be determined by the amount of gray hair you have. Needless to say, if you only have a few strands showing, you don’t need to completely go all gray – unless you want to, of course. If you’re not one for dying your hair to cover grays, you can turn to a professional hair stylist in order to turn those pesky grays into highlights that blend more naturally into your regular hair color.

Women with a large amount of gray hair will want to consider going all gray. The most important step to remember when it comes to making this decision is to trust the skills of a professional hair stylist. Never attempt to try and go all gray yourself, especially if it’s your first time doing so. Before making an appointment at your local salon, go online and browse through celebrity photos of women in your age range that have gone all gray.

Pictures to use for reference greatly improve your chances of the professional hair stylist understanding exactly how you want to look. The hair stylist you consult with should be an expert at hair coloring and have before and after photos of previous clients or in-person references you can speak with. Another thing to consider is the exact shade you want to go all gray with. Will you choose white, silver or a shade in between? Your hair stylist will work with you to figure that out.

Because going all gray involves coloring your tresses, you’ll have to work on taking care of and maintaining your new shade. This means deep conditioning treatments to avoid dryness, split ends and other side effects that typically come with coloring your hair. Don’t forget to use hair care products formulated for chemically treated hair that provide natural shine, gloss and hydration.

With the right planning and hair care steps you can effectively go all gray and not regret it afterwards.

The Best Beauty Accents Of The Season

Have you ever noticed how some people look like they own the summer? You see them and know that they’ve done something (or a lot of something`s) right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that makes them look like the sun was created to shine on them. Allow us to share five sexy secrets that will make even the brightest sun (and more than a few guys) take notice of you this summer.

The trick is to accent your features. No need to over do it. A few simple beauty tips will have you turning heads with the best of them.

What part of you do people see most of in the hot summer? Your skin. To take it from okay to fabulous, start with an exfoliant. Why not use the sand? It’s all around you at the beach and it’s free. It’s one of the best scrubs you can get. Don’t neglect your back. A bare back is one of the sexiest accents you’ve got. After your scrub, mist on sparkling body oil. Skin that is buffed and glistening will always stop traffic. No matter where he looks, you look great.

Think red lips are too much for summer? Not if you opt for a subtle stain and a hint of shine. If lip stains are too heavy or drying for you, try a powder check color in a shade suited to the natural color of your lips. Simply rub it into your lips and you’re good to go. It will stay longer without the shine of a balm or gloss but may feel cakey without it.

Add the colors of the sea to your eyes and the night will belong to you too. To outlast any temperature or hours of dancing, choose waterproof liners to color your lids – the fat liner pencils work perfectly. Go with blue that reflect the color of the sky and greens that rival the palms. Always finger smudge and pat gold shadow over your lids for a perfect finish. Black mascara only please. Save the colored mascara for a subtler eye color day.

Don’t overlook the power of your hair when you’re at the beach, out for a run or making waves on jet skis. One fabulous accent for the summer is the braid. We’re talking about strategically placed braids that control your bangs or keep your hair from blowing out of control, braids that blend with va-va-va-voom waves or crazy curls or sleek and straight. Whatever your style, a well placed braid can be super flirty and tons of fun.

Even after you’ve continued on your way, your scent will linger and make him think twice about letting you disappear into the crowd. Lemon and other citrus scents are fresh, light and exotic. They blend with suntan lotion scents and are never overpowering – unless you use too much and you wind up smelling like kitchen cleaner. Spritz a light citrus spray on the back of your neck and knees and over your hair to leave him wanting more.